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  • File Size: 1.4GB (highly compressed)
  • Downloads: 64,206
  • User Rating: 4.9/5 (71 votes)
  • Platform: PC (Windows/Mac/Linux)
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About Hades

Hades is arguably the most popular game in its genre, with millions of players worldwide in the single and multi-player modes of the title. The action dungeon crawler game was released in 2021 by Supergiant Games and has been widely accepted. It is available on various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. This has contributed to its success as many gamers can play it on their preferred platforms.

Additionally, Hades has a captivating storyline that makes it preferred by many gamers owing to its diverse and unpredictable turns that will have you on your screen navigating through its game map.


In the game, you will play the main protagonist, Zagreus, who is on a quest to escape and reach Mount Olympus from the underworld. He is the son of Hades and is bestowed with powers from other Olympians that will come in handy in the quest.

In this quest, you will encounter numerous enemies, and you will have to slash and hack them as it is the game’s combat style. Since the game is relatively new, you have to pay for an activation key before getting to play it.

Can you get Hades for free?

The developers require you to get an activation key for the game before proceeding from the demo mode. Unfortunately, an activation key for this popular title can get quite costly and out of reach for some gamers. For this, you need to get the free Hades from our website.

We have added it to our catalog under its genre, and once you download it, you will get access to the full game. This allows you to explore the game map and complete missions without having to purchase the game. It is thus a convenient option for many gamers.

How to download Hades for free

Hades is available to download for free from our website, and once you do, you can play without an activation key. First, you have to search for the game through the search bar on the website and click on the game files. All its files are compressed to make downloading it easier. This will also make the download faster and ensure it doesn’t take up much room.

You can now extract its files on a separate folder and click on the installation setup. The process will begin, and you can follow the simple prompts on the menu to ensure you install it correctly. Once it is done, the game will be ready to play, and you will have full access to the map. You can now navigate through the game map and enjoy all Hades has to offer.

Can you still get the latest updates?

Once you install the free Hades from our website, it will work just like a purchased option. Your game copy can still accommodate updates whenever they become available. You can also find these updates from our website, ensuring you enjoy your gameplay every time you launch the game. This is a simpler way to enjoy Hades without incurring huge expenses to get an activation key.